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Building Fire – West Rockhill Township

Mar. 25, 2014

At 17:19 hrs. on Saturday evening March 22, 2014, Tower 26 was dispatched to assist Station 27 (Sellersville) with a reported fire on outside corner of a dwelling on Augustine Road in West Rockhill Twp. Tower 26 was on the street within two (2) minutes after dispatch. Lt. 27 (Cogossi) arrived first on scene and confirmed fire on the exterior A/D corner. Chief 26 (Worthington) received permission from Lt. 27 for Engine 26 take in assignment, as they were returning from an earlier assignment in Perkasie Boro. Chief 26 (Worthington) was first on scene seven (7) minutes after dispatch, and directed Engine 26 to stage beyond driveway and lead off with 200’ – 2” waterline for extinguishment. As the next arriving apparatus, Montgomery County Tanker 72 (Tylersport) established a 5” transfer line to Engine 26. Chief 26 directed Tower 26 to enter the dwelling and check for extension. Augustine Command then directed Engine 27 to assist Truck Company on interior, while Lt. 27 handled Operations. Fire was knocked and held to exterior of dwelling. After checking interior with thermal imaging camera, Tower 26 established electric positive pressure ventilation practices to the interior rooms. Command requested the response of FM277 (West Rockhill) for investigation. Engine 27 remained on scene for Fire Marshal’s investigation, all other companies returned at 17:59 hrs.

6ABC Operation Save A Life

Feb. 18, 2014

Perkasie Fire Company No. 1 along with 171 other Fire Departments in the Tri-State area participated in the 22nd annual WPVI Operation 6 Save A Life smoke detector program at the Philadelphia Fire Academy. Fire Education Coordinator Patti Kostrubiak and Firefighter Tom Howells received 14 cases of free smoke detectors with 10 year lithium batteries for distribution in the community.

This generous allotment was made possible thru a donation by Channel 6 ABC, Home Depot, Tri-State Toyota and Kidde Corp who have provided smoke detectors to the Tri-State area departments. Over 10,000 smoke detectors were distributed. Present at the distribution were Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers along with 6 ABC reporters Karen Rogers and Cecily Tynan.

For more information about the Free Smoke Detector program please go to If you live within Perkasie Borough or East Rockhill Township, and cannot afford a working smoke detector or would like to have one installed, please leave a message on our Station voice mail at (215)453-2166 or e-mail our Public Information Officer at the link above with your request.

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Chimney Fire

Jan. 20, 2014

At 15:19 hrs. on Tuesday afternoon January 14, 2014, PERKASIE FIRE COMPANY No. 1 was dispatched for a reported chimney fire in the 1000 block of N. 7th Street in Perkasie Boro. Twp. Battalion 26 (Boshell) upon arrival met Perkasie PD which confirmed chimney fire had since reduced in volume and intensity. Battalion 26 entered residence with a medium smoke condition on first floor and light smoke in the attic. Tower 26 was directed to ladder chimney and send Firefighters inside to check for possible fire extension. On arrival Engine 26 was directed to establish electric positive pressure ventilation to Side A and check the basement. Engine 23 (Dublin) held the hydrant assignment two doors away from residence. Engine 27-1 (Sellersville) staged behind Tower 26. Lt. 26-1 (Ferrara) took roof sector, Lt. 26 (Bogen) took interior sector. Interior Sector reported no extension and emptied fire box, while Roof Sector reported a clog at the top of the chimney. The weights were dropped to insure the chimney fire was extinguished. Upon confirmation of no fire extension, Engine 23 and Engine 27-1 were released at 15:46 hrs. All apparatus cleared the scene at 15:59 hrs.

Overturned Vehicle

Jan. 20, 2014

At 18:49 hrs. on Monday evening January 6, 2014, PERKASIE FIRE COMPANY No. 1 was dispatched for an overturned vehicle on N. 5th Street, nearest intersection W. Schwenkmill Road in East Rockhill Twp. Deputy 26 (Trotter) arrived on scene with a single overturned Dodge Dakota Pick-Up truck off the roadway. Rescue 26 was directed to stabilize vehicle, prepare airbag lifting equipment and have EMT’s assess patient. Engine 76 was directed to block southbound N. 5th Street traffic, with manpower to assist with extrication. Engine 26 responded with additional manpower. Patient was extricated thru driver’s window, and turned over to Medic 151 (Grand View). Traffic 26 diverted motorists around accident scene. All apparatus cleared scene at 19:36 hrs.

Attic Fire

Jan. 7, 2014

At 12:46 hrs. on Friday afternoon January 3, 2014, PERKASIE FIRE COMPANY No. 1 was dispatched for a reported Dwelling Fire in the 1000 block of N. Ridge Road, Perkasie Boro. Dispatch reported the Property Owner was using a heat gun to thaw frozen pipes in attic who requested his tenants to call FD. Battalion 26 (Boshell) arrived first on scene and reported an attic area with medium smoke condition with no visible fire. Engine 26 Company was directed to access interior attic opening with thermal imaging camera, tools and pressurized water extinguisher. Chief 26 (Worthington) directed Rescue 26 to take hydrant assignment on N. Ridge Road and stand-by. Command directed Tower 27 to establish positive pressure ventilation on Side B, and Engine 59-1 to have manpower to report to front of Engine 26 to assist with overhaul. Due to extreme windy and cold weather conditions, extensive time was spent during overhaul of attic and eave areas. The fire area was wet-down with single PW extinguisher, limiting damage to finished room below. All Companies cleared the scene at 13:53 hrs. Everyone is reminded to test their working smoke detectors monthly, and to hire licensed professional contractors when home maintenance problems occur.

2013 Year End Report

Jan. 1, 2014

Total Number of Incidents for Year: 298
Total Number of Training Activities: 58

Year End Summary Statistics:
Apparatus and personnel responded to 298 requests; 35 of the incidents (11.74%) were fire related, 2 incidents were overpressure/explosion related (0.67%), 43 incidents (14.42%) were rescue/EMS related, 34 incidents (11.40%) were related to hazardous conditions, 99 incidents were service calls (33.22%), 43 incidents were good intent related (14.42%), 41 incidents (13.75%) were false alarms, and 1 incident was special type (0.33%). Perkasie Borough had 120 incidents (40.26%), East Rockhill Township had 68 incidents (22.81%) and Hilltown Township had 10 incidents (3.35%) of the total call volume. Our services were provided to various other municipalities such as Sellersville Borough with 27 incidents (9.06%), West Rockhill Township with 37 incidents (12.41%), Quakertown Borough with 4 incidents (1.34%), Richland Township with 5 incidents (1.67%), Silverdale Boro with 1incidents (0.33%), and Dublin Borough with 4 incidents (1.34%). In total, the department staff provided 10,224 man-hours of service in response activity and training.